in the frame of

Petrolio. Uomo e natura nell’era dell’Antropocene

curated by Francesco Scaringi and Giuseppe Biscaglia
section Giacimenta curated by Michele Di Stefano and Francesca Corona

Petrolio is a project by Matera European Capital of Culture 2019
coproduced by Basilicata 1799 and Fondazione Matera-Basilicata 2019

Turning_ is produced with MARCHE TEATRO Teatro di rilevante interesse culturale, corpoceleste_C.C.00##
and coproduced with CENTQUATRE-Paris, Centrale Fies and other partners to be defined


Looking for n. 2 to n.4 performers (female and/or male) having the requirements indicated here below.


Submission deadline

December 9th 2018



During the experience of the project “Migrant Bodies”, between 2014 and 2015, the artist develops an idea for a new performative practice that is deeply germinal. Starting from the observation of the migration flows of some animals that at the end of their life return to spawn and die in their natal territory, the artist began working on the concept of “turning”. The English term is translated and represented on stage in a literal sense, through the action of the body rotating around its axis: the action develops into an emotional psychophysical journey, a dance of duration, in the same way in which “turning” also means to evolve, to change.

The TURNING project is divided into different presentations and events that the artist calls “versions”. Each “version” involves different performers, as well as visual artists, musicians and designers, called by the artist to interpret the same action according to their own sensitivity – dramaturgically consistent with the title of the project: the materials and the physical scores are subject to a change, an evolution, a transformation, within each individual event.


Among the already created versions, we mention:


TURNING_thank you for your love version, presented in June 2015 in the Teatrino of Palazzo Grassi in Venice for the Biennale directed by Virgilio Sieni, with 5 dancers in an event created with the original score by Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld.


TURNING_ Symphony of sorrowful songs version, is a performance created for the MAXXI Museum in Rome presented in October 2015 at the Romaeuropa Festival. For the occasion Sciarroni worked with 15 dancers from the company of the Rome Ballet.


TURNING_Motion sickness version, is the title of the performance created for the company of the Lyon Opera Ballet in 2016 and which opened the Lyon Biennial the same year.


TURNING_For Marta, is a solo version created in 2018 specifically for Marta Ciappina and presented in the room set up with Dan Flavin artworks in Villa Panza in Varese.


CHROMA_don’t be frightened of turning the page is the solo version directed and interpreted by Alessandro Sciarroni himself.


Within the TURNING project, a new version will be created dedicated to the practice of classical dance, and in particular to the exploration and experimentation on the pointe shoes. The show will be presented in the frame of “Giacimenta”, a section curated by Michele Di Stefano and Francesca Corona in “Petrolio. Uomo e natura nell’era dell’Antropocene”, project by Matera European Capital of Culture 2019 coproduced by Basilicata 1799 and Fondazione Matera-Basilicata 2019.



For the production we are looking for performers who meet the following requirements:


  • Grounded classical and contemporary technique (the use of pointe shoes is essential);
  • Attitude to the exploration of new experimental forms (resistance, grounded physical preparation)
  • Experience in the performing arts;
  • Improvisation capacity, creation, composition, general vision;
  • Desire to explore new poetics and aesthetics;
  • Spirit of observation, mnemonic ability;
  • Open to listen, to exchange;
  • Used to group work and stress management;
  • Open to travel and adapt to different habitats and working conditions (both in theaters and outdoor spaces);
  • Full availability and reliability during the casting, rehearsals and tour;
  • Submission of applications as indicated on the website;
  • Have a regular residence permit in the country of residence and a valid identity card / passport for the expatriation.



The submission deadlines is : December 9th 2018.

Results for the preselection:  December 17th 2018 


People who wish to send an application for the pre-selections, have to send an email to with:


  • name, date of birth, nationality, address, phone number, fiscal code (for italian residents only);
  • a motivation letter;
  • curriculum vitae;
  • photographs (close-up and full body);
  • ID copy;
  • link and password to only one video made especially for the casting, max total length 4’, uploaded on a web platform (vimeo, youtube…) that contains: self-presentation (short biographical introduction, motivation to be part of the project) and a dance on pointe shoes (mandatory for female and male performers).

NB. On youtube, please select the option “unlisted” and not “private” when you choose your privacy settings.


The casting will take place in two phases:



The selections will take place from January 14th to January 18th 2019 at Villa Nappi in Polverigi (AN), between 10:00 and 18:00. Each candidate must be available for an entire day to be agreed within the given period. The results will be communicated in the next days.
Travel and stay costs are fully incurred by applicants.



From March 27th to April 1st 2019, at Villa Nappi in Polverigi (AN), the candidates selected at the end of the pre-selections will be invited to participate in the final selection for which availability is required for the entire period.

The applicants will be refunded, with arrangements to agree with the production, for the travel, accommodation and food expenses and will be paid a fee.

The final results will be communicated in the next days.


For all the casting process, the candidates will be selected by Alessandro Sciarroni and his staff at their sole discretion, according to the documentation provided, to the casting and the workshop/selection outcomes.



The rehearsals will take place according to the following schedule (travel day excluded):


22.04 – 04.05.2019 – Paris (FR), 104

27.05 – 02.06.2019 – Dro (IT), Centrale Fies

03.06 – 15.06.2019 – Matera (IT) – from which 3 shows


During the rehearsal time, the performers will be refunded, with arrangements to agree with the production, for the travel, accommodation and food expenses and will be paid a fee.



During the tour, the performers will be refunded, with arrangements to agree with the production, for the travel, accommodation and food expenses and will be paid a fee.


Thank you for your interest.