[WE ARE NOT HERE] an event in 6 parts for Virginia Woolf, 2008


[WE ARE NOT HERE is a performance on the passage of time, where time is a pure light that passes through the body. In We are not here time for action is exhausted at the very point it is made. Divided in to epsiodes, each action takes place in a different place in the complex that houses the project, the show takes advantage of the performers – adults and children – who carry on their bodies, without knowing it, the signs of passing time, like clouds on the waves.]


[from “The waves” by Virginia Woolf / design, visual elements, direction Alessandro Sciarroni / dramaturgy, translation Alessandra Morelli, Alessandro Sciarroni / with Chiara Bersani, Massimo Castagnini, Raffaella Filippini, Novello Gasperi, Alessia Giannelli, Cecilia Massoni, Alessandra morelli, Anthea Olivieri Pennesi, Greta Olivieri Pennesi, Matteo Ramponi, Laura Sciabarrà, Luisa Scardecchia, Claudia Valla]


[production corpoceleste_C.C.00#]