[COWBOYS] a piece I did because I wanted to feel contemporary, 2009


[“COWBOYS” is a performance about colour and superficial identity. It could be reassumed with the phrase: thanks to contemporaneity that allowed us to stay on the surface of the things. The performers, a boy and a girl, wear some quadrangular mirrors in front of the face. In this way the body loses identity and is progressively melted with the space, with the look of the public, but above all with the colours of the floor. The artifice of the mirror doesn’t grant the possibility of meeting to the performers, until all the colours are experimented. Now the lyricism of the action is broken by the execution of a simple choreography country dance line (Texan dance to be done with boots and hat). A hat, a pair of boots and a belt are sufficient to become a cowboy (in the observer’s imagination). The visual level of the performance is based on the studies about space of the Portuguese artist Helena Almeida, and on the structure of the book about colours “Chroma”, written by Derek Jarman.]


[invention Alessandro Sciarroni / with Luana Milani, Matteo Ramponi / music Paolo Persia]


[production corpoceleste_C.C.00# ]