[YOUR GIRL] this is a piece about being young and beautiful, 2007


[“YOUR GIRL” is a performance about a desire,about an inspection of a feeling.It is based on a study of “Madame Bovary” by Flaubert and on the poetic transposition of this novel, “La Bovary c’est moi”, written by Giovanni Giudici in the twentieth century. The dramaturgy proceeds through the biographies of the performers,in the biographical instant in which they are united on the stage. In “YOUR GIRL” Emma Bovary doesn’t kill herself, doesn’t suffocate,but she still breathes, in an impossible souvenir photo, in an Italian pop song. So, Matteo Ramponi, from an object of the desire, becomes companion of the anti-tragic mechanism.]


[The actor is a dictionary. Nature/Life. Life/Nature.
that is
reversing the position text/actor
that is
Madame Bovary interprets Chiara Bersani and not the contrary.]


[invention Alessandro Sciarroni / with Chiara Bersani, Matteo Ramponi / visual elements Elisa Orlandini]


[production corpoceleste_C.C.00#]