[TURNING_Orlando’s version], 2019


TURNING_Orlando’s version is a creation by Alessandro Sciarroni in which he explores the practice of classical dance and in particular the dance on pointe shoes. Together with the choreographer in collaboration with Elena Giannotti, the research was carried out with a group of five dancers (Maria Cargnelli, Francesco Saverio Cavaliere, Lucrezia Gabrieli, Sofia Magnani, Roberta Racis) and the musical composition was created by Aurora Bauza and Pere Jou (Telemann Rec.).


Orlando refers to a round cyclicity, to a circular transformation, as in Virginia Woolf’s novel, it invites us to cross a mystery: does it evoke the name of a person or a place full of palm trees in Florida suspended in expectation of a cyclone?


TURNING_Orlando’s version is a new chapter of a larger project (TURNING) inspired by the migration flows of some animals that at the end of their life return to spawn and die in their natal territory, where the verb “turning” is translated and represented on stage in a literal sense, through the action of the body rotating around its axis: the action develops into an emotional psycho-physical journey, a dance of duration, in the same way in which “turning” also means to evolve, to change.


In this piece, there’s a deep link with the wild animal life, with the mysterious and inevitable power of animals and their transhumance processes, as vibrant as silhouettes on the horizon.


[invention Alessandro Sciarroni / with Maria Cargnelli, Francesco Saverio Cavaliere, Lucrezia Gabrieli, Sofia Magnani, Roberta Racis / music Aurora Bauzà and Pere Jou (Telemann Rec.) / assistant, training, choreographic and dramaturgical consulting Elena Giannotti / styling Ettore Lombardi / casting Damien Modolo / technical director Valeria Foti / administration, executive production Chiara Fava / curator, promotion, consulting Lisa Gilardino]


[in the frame of Petrolio. Uomo e natura nell’era dell’Antropocene curated by Francesco Scaringi and Giuseppe Biscaglia section Giacimenta curated by Michele Di Stefano and Francesca Corona / Petrolio is a project by Matera European Capital of Culture 2019 coproduced by Fondazione Matera-Basilicata 2019 and Basilicata 1799]


[TURNING_Orlando’s version is produced with MARCHE TEATRO Teatro di rilevante interesse culturale, corpoceleste_C.C.00## and coproduced with CENTQUATRE-Paris, Snaporazverein]